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Ethics and Excellence

We strongly believe and adhere to business ethics and excellence, whilst providing free independent advice and support to international students looking to achieve their ultimate goal of studying in the UK. We will help you find the right UK University, English Language School or any Higher Education institution that’s relevant to your needs.

Reputable Partners & Institutions

We partner with reputable educational institutions in the UK and several more across the globe. We combine years of expertise and are able to guarantee specific knowledge of the UK market. We maintain special relationships with well established English language schools in Bournemouth, which comprises the second largest English language education sector in the UK. We also work with language schools across the UK to ensure you study English in the town or city of your choice.

British Council

IGR Limited works closely with the British Council to ensure the best guidance possible. Our Managing Director is a fully trained British Council Education Agent, working diligently in accordance with their code of ethics. Unlike many agencies offering student placement services, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We are partnered with major education institutions and we ensure your admissions process will be easier, faster and smoother from day one. We will guide you from the very first meeting, each step of the application process, all the way to final graduation and still be with you when you finally start your dream job.

Study in the United Kingdom

The UK is high on International Students’ list of destinations due to its history, global language and reputation for high-quality, competitively priced degrees. UK universities welcome overseas students and are particularly keen to increase the diversity of their student bodies. 

International Degree

If you’re looking to study for your Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD or simply looking for the right English Language course for you, your children, or to study as a family, we will assist with your placement applications free of charge and endeavour to help make the right choice for you.

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Dear Student,

Welcome to IGR! 

Studying in the UK can be a life-changing experience for an international student. The UK, with its traditional academic culture, along with the unparalleled global standards at UK universities, provides you with a solid foundation for your career goals.

The process of applying to UK universities can be daunting and complex, with students often questioning themselves on whom they can trust for objective advice about choosing the best universities, what they should include in their applications or if they even have the right level of English to study higher education in the UK. There are many issues of trust and the thought of studying in a foreign country can be a scary prospect to international students. Good advice and support can make all the difference between a successful, rewarding experience and a poor one.

Whilst teaching English at an international high school in Libya, I was approached by several parents asking about the potential of studying in the UK. This ranged from summer programmes for English Language courses to the Higher Education sector. From these exchanges, it dawned on me to set up an agency to offer services to Libyan students looking to the UK for their future academic requirements. This led to offering these services internationally as there is such a big market within the international student sector.

Whilst I’m aware that there are many education agents throughout the UK and around the world, I’ve also been made aware of the basic services that many provide. Their interest is to make their money and move on to the next client. IGR guarantees we will not be like this. We will seek the most suitable options for your future academic objectives. We believe every student is unique, coming from different academic, cultural and social backgrounds. Our service is designed accordingly, individually tailored to you, so we can ensure the success of the support we provide.

Ethical provision of excellence is our guarantee and IGR will provide each student the assistance to fulfil their goals. I promise you that you will never become a number – you will become part of the IGR family and once you are in, you will be taken care of every step of your journey. I’m only a phone call away and am always here if you ever need to talk.

So again, welcome to IGR and welcome to our family. 


Fully trained British Council recognised Agent​

Dolan Laurence

Managing Director